11th December 2019

3 food Instagram accounts to follow for brand inspiration




3 of the Best food & restaurant brands on Instagram

We all love to look at yummy food pics, right? So it’s no surprise that food and restaurant brands do really well on Instagram. Here are a few different brands that really stand out. A recent study on social media benchmarks found that the food & beverage industry sees a 1.690% average engagement rate per post, compared to only 0.120% on Facebook and 0.058% on Twitter. Here are a few different brands that really stand out.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

@freddysusa – 41.8k followers

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is a large chain restaurant with locations around America. Their Instagram is filled with delicious photos of their food, and yet they still make it a priority to highlight their owner, Freddy. If you take a look at their Instagram Story highlights, you’ll see “F R E D D Y” listed as one of the options

By highlighting their popular owner, Freddy’s is creating authentic content that is true to the brand’s values. It just goes to show that no matter how big you get, you can still have that down-home feeling and community around your business.

How to use this strategy:

Make it a priority to highlight the people in your organization, such as the owner, CEO or founder. You can also include the rest of the team to help showcase your culture. Try sharing employee spotlights regularly and consider creating an Instagram Story highlight specifically for team outings and celebrations like work anniversaries, events and more.

Sprouts Farmers Market

@sprouts – 170k followers

As a grocery store focusing on produce and healthy eating, Sprouts takes visual cues directly from their products to create a gorgeous grid of rainbow hues. Their use of colour and pattern turns their Instagram into a revolving rainbow, focusing on one colour for 6 to 9 posts before they move on to the next colour in sequence.

Take a look at the above transition from blue to purple to pink. Scrolling through their feed is a bright, happy burst of colour.

How to use this strategy:

There are so many ways to use colour in your feed. You, too, can create a beautiful pattern of hues in your own Instagram content. If you want to be sure that your grid will match your vision once your content is published, try out Sprout’s Instagram grid preview feature.

One way to accomplish this is by focusing your Instagram content on a single colour or two, like your main brand colour (s). Try sharing images that utilize a shade of your brand’s colour palette in a way that makes it stand out in the photo and in your feed.


@chipotle – 671k followers

As stated in their Instagram bio, Chipotle delivers memes and burritos. Their Instagram feed is a hilarious collection of content, including screenshots of tweets alongside their very own Chipotle memes to keep their audience engaged and hungry.

Who doesn’t love a good meme? While Chipotle could certainly fill their Instagram feed with only professional photos of their food, they’ve opted for something a bit more unique. Instead of running with a strictly-visual strategy, Chipotle focuses on combining brand personality and the appeal of their food first. Staying true to the brand throughout their Instagram feed is an incredibly engaging approach to building meaningful relationships with their fans.

How to use this strategy:

If personality and humour are important for your brand, try focusing on humour as well as visual appeal. Does humour, snark, and utilizing memes fit with your brand voice or personality? Then trying a less conventional approach to Instagram might be a great strategy idea! Try using memes, Twitter screenshots, and funny photos and videos in your Instagram strategy to maximize engagement.

Original Blog By Chloe West for Sprout Social

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