11th February 2019

5 ways Schools, Colleges & Universities can achieve more with social media & Save Money




Over the years, marketing has significantly adapted. With the emergence and significant consumption of social media platforms such as Facebook, both buying and selling processes have adjusted, even in the educational sector. However, many schools, colleges and universities have failed to grasp this way of engaging with potential students, parents and key influencers, who are missing out on many benefits.

Are you struggling to get your institution out there? Maybe it’s time to reduce the use of traditional marketing channels and implement the use of social media marketing?  

There are many benefits schools, colleges and universities just like yours can experience by making small changes to your marketing. Here are 5 benefits, which can be experienced by adapting marketing strategies, following today’s current trends…

Top 5 benefits schools, colleges and universities can experience by adapting their marketing today!

  • Expand your reach

By moving your offering to social media channels, you will have the ability to expand your reach potential. How many people do you think stop and look at your flyers? How many listen to your radio jingle? And how many newspaper readers stop to absorb your advert? Even if a large proportion of people do, how many of them are ideal for your institution?

Now imagine, how many people will view your posts on a globally used platform? Much better right! User behaviour has changed. People no longer spend time watching or listening to adverts. Instead they choose to scroll through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds. If you are worried that your school’s social media visibility will be clouded on a busy platform, failing to reach your ideal students, do not worry. There are additional marketing tactics such as social media ads to further target audiences based on location and interests.

  • Save money

Traditional marketing channels are overpriced for the results they now bring in. For example, a single billboard ad would cost around £2,500, a half-page newspaper advert would cost £1,000 and radio campaigns cost between £1,000 and £2,000. And with budgets and competition in the education sector more challenging than ever before, return on your investment has never been so important. So why not choose a channel where you can track from the moment they first see your advert, right through to the final action they take – even if it’s offline!

  • Improve your school image

Your school, college or university may have a great image, however who’s seeing it? Utilising social media marketing will give you the opportunity to showcase what you do every single day and not just in one-off leaflet drops or newspaper adverts. Showcase your USP’s, your values and what you can offer to students, parents and key influencers. So many schools these days are missing out on attracting students due to their lack of social media activity – don’t be one of them!

  • Attract more local engagement

We now live in a world where recommendations, retweets and Instagram stories are a significant part of the decision-making process. By implementing these social media functions, positive word of mouth regarding your school, college or university will help boost local engagement. This will attract local support, PR and further interest.

  • Attract more of your ideal students

By using Facebook and Instagram, targeting has never been better (and easier!). You can target students themselves, based on their hobbies, interests, age, location and more, as well as the key influencers in that decision-making process (e.g. the parents of students, grandparents etc.). What’s more, you can do it even more creatively. You know that brochure that’s seen by prospective students, their grandparents and parents you have? You know the one, which tries to cover every single benefit of your institution… Well, you can tailor your adverts to whom you’re speaking to. The adverts seen by students may focus on culture and environment, but to parents and grandparents, you may focus on results and facilities.

Plus, by sharing experiences, showcasing behind the scenes of your offering, and your school’s brand, all marketed correctly, you’ll have greater opportunity to attract your ideal student. Whether that is someone who is passionate about developing a career in IT, perfect for your in-demand tech-focused course, or a mature student looking for a comfortable space to learn, you can get this message across.

All this activity can be done at a quarter of the cost of traditional media advertising, and with much better return on your investment!

Now we understand this can be overwhelming if social media marketing isn’t your thing. However, if you’re looking to experience the above benefits for your school, college or university, why not arrange a free no obligation session today? We will help you develop a social media marketing strategy that widens your audience. And after the session you can choose to implement it yourself, or we’ll explain how we can support you.

By Bilal Jogi – CEO of Lipstick