The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, a lot of people had a lot of fear and uncertainty regarding the safety of going out to eat. Very few restaurants across Europe had marketed their new health and safety measures in an appropriate way.

The restaurants that had created marketing around COVID seemed to have done so in a clinical way - which was more offputting than reassuring for customers. Businesses were not addressing customer's fear and concerns - simply showing masks or gloves and distanced tables, not showing the process or explaining how each precaution will impact their experience.

The most common perception of Royal Nawaab, when thought of from a customer perspective, is busy busy busy. How could we give customers the confidence to come in and dine as normal?

The Solution

Royal Nawaab Manchester & London had invested over £80,000 in developing a state of the art sanitisation process that would keep their customers safe - one of the best in Europe. We decided to create video content that showed the new customer experience, specifically designed for social media.

We shot it in a manner that was neither clinical nor medical, but instead informative, light-hearted, and styled like an advertisement for a restaurant - not like a health and safety infographic. We showed a walkthrough of the restaurants and buffet systems so people could see the process from start to finish before they arrive for their meal. We kept it under 1 minute 40 - the ideal length for social media so people can absorb the adequate amount of information in a short amount of time.

We then decided to market the video on Instagram and Facebook through a paid campaign and really put the content in front of their core customers, giving them as much reassurance as possible. We wanted to create the feeling of "If we're going to go somewhere - it's going to be here."


As soon as we started posting engaging images and videos on Royal Nawaab’s social channels, views, comments, likes, and shares started to flood in. The videos and images generated thousands of views, and people started tagging friends, engaging with the menu, and making plans to visit Royal Nawaab and taste the food for themselves.

Royal Nawaab has been serving award-winning Indian cuisine for 20 years, but people had forgotten how great they were because their social presence didn’t interest or inspire. Now, their online brand has been revitalised, bringing old customers back, and creating plenty of new ones.






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