28th February 2019

Why Health & Fitness Brands Fail On Social Media (Point 1 Is Key)




Where are your customers? What do they do? Do they browse Instagram? Do they scroll through Facebook news feeds? Are they on their mobile or tablet? More and more businesses in the Health, Beauty and Fitness sector are marketing to their audience through social platforms these days, but how effectively?

Social platforms make it easy for you to start advertising, offering incentives as well as ease-of-use. Even a beginner can learn to boost a post in a single click, and pass themselves off as social media marketers. Sure, a boosted post will give you the initial lift of awareness, but when it comes to getting a return on your spend, it’s time to focus on more advanced, targeted advertising like Facebook Pixel retargeting, guaranteed to bring in the pounds. And to do this, you may need the help of a specialist.

  • Do you know about Facebook Pixel?
Facebook Pixel Is The Key To Increasing Social Media Sales

A customer is at checkout. They leave without a purchase. They’ve gone forever. Well, not anymore. Why not set up Facebook Pixel Retargeting? Once they’ve abandoned checkout and logged into Facebook and/or Instagram, they will be served enticing adverts to nudge them back to the website.

Here’s another great way: Imagine you offer a teeth-whitening service. The prospect has searched ‘buy teeth whitening’ in Google and is served your specific YouTube advert, designed for them. This would save you wasted budget targeting those who are not your ideal customer.

  • The importance of image, video and text…
Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ ad created by the advertising agency, Wieden+Kennnedy Portland

There’s so much data available; it just takes some knowhow. In the back end of Facebook sits the power editor and ad platform. Here lies great insight, including the brands your audience like and what stages they’re at in life (e.g. newlyweds).

Failed campaigns are never the fault of the platform, but always the creative. Gone are the days where one advert has to tick all the boxes and work for everybody who sees it. Using targeting on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, you can serve different adverts to different segments of your audience. If you’re a healthcare provider advertising for new bookings, why not include a reference to your audience’s favourite Netflix series? Powerful, right?

  • Increase revenue, maximise ROI!

It’s probably the most important point of all. Facebook and Instagram both provide an excellent platform to grow your businesses. With 6 new people signing up to every single second to Facebook and Instagram, you have a gigantic opportunity to target your audience effectively. The more targeted you can be in your creative, the better. So make to get the best ROI for your business.

Using a Social Media Agency

Lipstick – Social Media Marketing

The Health and Beauty sector is full of marketing agencies calling themselves social media experts. But none of them have a true understanding of social media. They claim to specialise in everything but they are actually specialists of none. They often have ten points of contact, charge a fortune, and everything seems to get lost in translation. We thank them. It’s why we exist. And we’re here to do things better.

We provide a return on investment on everything ‘we’ do. Yes ‘we’, because we work together every step of the way. Whether it’s through regular face-to-face meetings, testing or optimising your campaigns, we work hard to make sure you get the best results. So, let’s talk.